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What Is Beat Addikts?

Beat Addikts is a community initiative that brings together young hip hop dancers from the areas of, Northern Maryland, Delaware, Eastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey.

Beat Addikts United, also known as "BAU," stresses our motto of "One Beat, One Love." The motto emphasizes that we are all celebrating dance under one main goal of networking, positivity and unity.

BAU puts on a showcase in the month of August each year by bringing together students from multiple studios, organizations, teams and crews that perform as one. We are not in competition with our wide-range network nor do we own a facility. Our studios and supporters are 100% behind the Beat Addikt motto and cause, making friendships and bridging gaps.

Rehearsals for BAU are once a month and we work sufficiently with our studios on making sure we do not overlap with their performance and competition schedules. The Beat Addikts' dance commitments to their studios always come first and that is something that we live by. We would not be in business without them.

BAU also gives back to our community through our resident Beat Performance Team, also called "BPT." They perform at charity events, conventions and community showcases that some of our amazing studio participants host.

If you're interested in learning more about us, please contact us! We would love to hear from you.

One Beat, One Love

 Best way to answer that is by watching this video :)