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Audition Information

Registration for our 2023 season is closed!!

Please follow these steps for our audition process:

1) Are you new? Familiarize yourself with our website; who we are and how we operate!

Take a moment to check out our FAQ page.

If you still have a bunch of questions about how Beat Addikts operates, please send us a message to learn more.

2) Pick one of our audition dates to attend

Dates for 2024 TBD - Fall of 2023

3) Register for auditions online (Coming Fall 2023)

All dancers will have to pre-register. Closer to the actual date, you will be given an audition time between the hours of 3-8pm. We do have a max occupancy at each location so if we run out of room, you will be notified and asked to either attend another date or make other arrangements for your audition!

Did you know that BAU is now offering dance opportunities in classical technique (Jazz, Contemporary, etc) in addition to Hip Hop this year? This is open to all dancers, new and old! Click here to learn more!

Dancers must audition for the dances they want to be considered for but may audition for both at no additional charge!

4) Show up to your audition date!

- You do not need to bring anything other than the $20 audition fee (cash or debit/credit only) and a water bottle for your dancer

- Dancers should dress in comfortable clothing for the Hip-Hop audition with CLEAN sneakers (no jazz sneakers please). 

- Dancers auditioning in our classical technique room should dress in all black, form fitting clothing (leggings, leotards, etc) and should have their hair pulled up. You may experience an array of styles in this audition so you may bring whatever you are most comfortable to dance in on your feet. (Socks, Jazz shoes, ballet shoes, etc). Don't forget to click here  to see what type of skills you will be asked to perform at the audition!

- There will be a new form to fill out. Some of the questions may not make sense until after the Parent Meeting.

- Dancers will take class as their audition. They will learn a combo from one of our staff and then be asked to do it in groups. This was a new format we introduced last year and it was a huge success to setting the tone for BAU from the beginning, with dancers cheering on their peers from day 1!

- Parents will have a meeting to discuss the season and answer any questions. We HIGHLY recommend attendance.

- This should all run roughly 1.5 hours long

5) Await for details on your acceptance and further instructions!!