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Beat Addikts is happy to offer programming for 200 dancers spread out between Pennsylvania, New 

Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. We offer programs for those with limited time to spare that are looking 

for a larger community and an additional performance opportunity, to those that are looking to join a 

Performance Team, see us weekly, and perform every month!

BAU Annual Showcase

Beat Addikts hosts an annual performance the first week of August. This is the Super Bowl for Beat Addikts. All 200+ of our dancers participate in this weekend long, four show event, where the kids get to dance on stage in one of the highest energy dance showcases you will experience in the tri-state area. 

We are a Hip-Hop forward company, but you will see dances with influences ranging anywhere from Musical Theatre to Contemporary, or even Ballet to Latin Ballroom! Our dances are all uniquely themed to keep our audience engaged and excited, whether their cheering on their child, or the person's sitting next to them!

Dancers must be ages 8-18 to be a part of the general company. We are not a training company or a studio, so we do ask that all of our dancers be receiving regular training at a home studio. Your time commitment is very low, as dancers only rehearse once a month on Sundays from January-July and then participate in BAU Bootcamp the week leading up to the show.

Beat Addikts currently has two branches, BAU Force and BAU Energy. Check out those tabs to see which branch you would fall under. Not sure? Simply reach out and we will gladly fill you in on what BAU has to offer you.

Beat Performance Team

Beat Performance team contains our most dedicated dancers. They are the face of the Beat Addikts brand. These dancers meet with us every Saturday from September-May and typically perform 1-2 times a month. These include but are not limited to charity performances, arena dancing, Monsters of Hip Hop in DC, and every few years DISNEY!!

The crew currently contains 63 kids divided into two crews by age. Our Junior crew ranges in age from 8-14 and our Senior crew ages 14-18. Check out our Beat Performance Team page for more info!