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Beat Addikts is happy to offer programming for dancers, ages 8-18, spread out between Pennsylvania, New 

Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. Our programming now extends to ANY dancer looking to explore new performance opportunities and make new friends! 

We have two branches, Beat Addikts Force and Beat Addikts Energy.

Make sure to check out those tabs to see which one you belong to!

BAU Annual Showcase

Our annual Showcase is what every dancer involved with BAU participates in. Dancers have rehearsals once a month on Sundays, from January-July, and then meet with us for our BAU Camp Week, the week prior to our shows! This program is fast-paced in the sense that dancers are responsible for reviewing and maintaining their choreography month to month. 

For our first 10 years, Beat Addikts United has been a Hip Hop forward company. Our dances have been 80% Hip Hop but we give our choreographers artistic freedom to just CREATE! This has seen the influence of Musical Theater, Contemporary, Ballroom, and so many other styles make their way into our pieces.

And now, 2023 will introduce our first ever "Classical Technique" pieces. This is meant to work in reverse of other BAU pieces. For a decade, we have introduced Hip Hop dancers to other styles and friends that are open minded and willing to explore MOVEMENT. We would like to offer the same for those that are more comfortable in a leotard and tights!

**New** Classical Technique Dances

We are beyond excited to offer our programming to dancers looking to turn and leap their way onto our stage! 

For dancers looking for BAU to stay the same, no problem, make sure to read your registration form closely this year and find the option to do just that. 

But for dancers who love all styles, or for new dancers looking specifically for Jazz, Contemporary, Musical Theater, etc, we are happy to offer this new option.

Am I eligible for these dances?

The same age requirement of 8-18 is mandated to be considered for these pieces but our team of choreographers have put together a recommended skill list for those looking to audition. Dancers should be familiar and adequate with the following skills:

- At least one strong split (Right, Left, Center)

- Strong double pirouette on atleast one leg with the ability to do different styles on strong leg (ex. Parallel, attitude, pencil)

- Standard Leaps with at least one leap variation (ex. calypso, switch leap)

Not required, but be prepared to attempt:

- Fouettes a la second or traditional for a minimum 8 count or a similar turn combo

Feel free to contact us for more information about this new offering!

BAU Performance Team

Any dancer that is currently signed up for our annual showcase has opportunities to do additional performances with us! BAU Performance Team (or BPT) performs at local charity shows, sporting events, conventions and every few years we plan to travel and perform in Orlando!

Dancers must already be a part of our company to participate and must contact us to get involved!