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Beat Addikts United Performance opportunity for ages 6 and 7!

Is your dancer looking to get onto the Beat Addikts stage but doesn't quite meet the 8 year old age requirement? We have just the program for them. This brings dancers of ages 6 and 7 into the BAU family but at a much more introductory level to the rigorous program that is Beat Addikts United. This means that dancers do not have to attend on of our auditions and can simply register with the company between October and January for the following season. 

What is the commitment?

The obligation to the company is as follows. Your child will have a 45 minute dance session once a month on Sundays, starting in January and going until our Annual Showcase July 31-August 2nd. This 45 minutes will be scheduled from 3:00-3:45 on the high majority of those dates with some wiggle room for slight alterations if need be.

The cost of this program will be $100 due their first month in January, which covers all of their tuition for their dance sessions and a $100 performance package due in July. This performance package will cover their costume (tops only provided), a finale t-shirt and 2 tickets to the Saturday matinee show in which they will perform (one for them and one adult).

Our practices are not mandatory but we do ask that you try your best to be at most and please be prepared to review with your child at home. Once a month practices are challenging to begin with and only work if all of our Beat Addikts put in the time and energy at home to make it work!