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Founder and Director, Todd Munoz, is happy to announce that we have raised over $190,000 since the inception of this event! 2022 was a huge success and we are moving forward with planning for 2023!! 

We are grateful to welcome 6-700 dancers to this event annually!

Keep reading to see how your studio can get involved

DelAWAREness 2023

Click here to Pre-Register for our 2023 Event

Date: Saturday and Sunday, April 22-23rd, 2023

Times TBD

Where: The Tatnall School

Cost: $20/dancer

Participation Rules:

1) Length of piece

3 minutes max for up to 15 dancers

3:30 for 16-20 dancers

4 minute max for 21+ dancers

I would love to allow all of your pieces to enter without putting time limits on them, however it simply is not possible.

2) Number of pieces per studio

This is based on the number of groups you are entering. The more kids you are bringing, the more lenient I can be. As an example, if you have a senior and junior company, I can give them both a dance in the show. However, if you try to enter a jazz and a hip-hop piece performed by the same group of kids, you would only be able to do one. Length of your pieces and number of kids you are bringing directly effects how much stage time I can give you.

Piece Submission:

Name of Piece:

Dance Genre:



# of Dancers:


Start On or Off:

Finish On or Off:

Costume Color:

Any Additional Notes:

Origin Story

The reason DelAWAREness was started is because Todd's little brother Trace Aviary Jones was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2 years old. Todd has gotten to experience first hand the trials, attention, and financial burden that having a family member with Autism can cause. With it, however, comes a level of love and appreciation that he wanted to spread to his surrounding community. Todd has learned so many lessons from his little brother and the love that they have for each other can't be matched. The growth, love, support, and positive impact that DelAWAREness has made on Trace's life has been the biggest blessing to Todd and his family.

DelAWAREness has since evolved, and become a postive beacon for hundreds of dancers to see the impact a little positive effort and hard-work can achieve. And our shows are SUPER DOPE!!